Mount Bintumani

Coordinates: 9°13′30″N 11°07′00″W / 9.22500°N 11.11667°W / 9.22500; -11.11667
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Mount Bintumani
Loma Mansa
Highest point
Elevation1,945 m (6,381 ft)[1]
Prominence1,665 m (5,463 ft)[1]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates9°13′30″N 11°07′00″W / 9.22500°N 11.11667°W / 9.22500; -11.11667[2]
Mount Bintumani is located in Sierra Leone
Mount Bintumani
Mount Bintumani
Location of Mount Bintumani in Sierra Leone
LocationSierra Leone
Parent rangeLoma Mountains

Mount Bintumani (also known as Loma Mansa) is the highest peak in Sierra Leone and the Loma Mountains, at 1,945 metres (6,381 ft). It lies in the Loma Mountains and its lower slopes are covered in rainforests, home to a wide variety of animals. These include pygmy hippopotamuses, dwarf crocodiles, rufous fishing-owls and numerous primates.

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